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One of the methods used to sabotage an online business is the analysis of their internet usage and emails. With great power, comes great responsibilities, but many of the management and staff of the ISPs seem to forget this, as they make up fictitious stories and spread blatantly false rumours without checking the facts to destroy the business of an innocent person.

The different internet usage analysis techniques are described in detail below:
1.Analysis of emails accounts. Sometimes, payment to the ISP is made initially by one person for operational reasons based on convenience , for example, he or she may be visiting a place close to the ISP office. Later the person many not be paying a single paisa towards the ISP charges or even using the internet connection. Still the ISP will insist that the connection belongs to the person who made the payment initially, even though he may not be involved in using or paying for the internet connection in any way.

2. Analysis of emails received. The person paying for the internet connection may use it to receive payments from ad networks abroad. However, the ignorant and petty ISP staff, with their single point agenda of framing the internet user, will jump to the conclusion that these payments are "gifts" from relatives abroad, and spread malicious and blatantly false rumours about the internet user, making it very difficult to do business in India.

3. Analysis of websites visited : All the websites visited by an internet user are analysed in detail and judgements about the character of the person/business made based on this information. Most of the people doing the analysis are inexperienced , but are given great powers, will few systems in place to check abuse of this power. They will jump to a conclusion without doing proper research or even properly verifying the facts.

This strongly worded article has been written because some ignorant fools at ISPs have been vested with great powers and they have abused their powers to cause tremendous losses to this business owner. Unfortunately, these individuals remain anonymous, and are not accountable for the destruction caused due to their carelessness and malicious behaviour. They are backed by some of the largest software companies in the country in their reckless actions, making it difficult for the business to get any compensation. The best way to avoid the above of problems caused by careless analysis is to reduce internet usage using a dedicated ISP connection to the minimum and use alternate access points like cybercafes