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In recent months, the BSNL 3g connection has been used extensively with an IPhone for internet surfing and making phone calls. This is a major advantage of the BSNL 3G connection when compared to standalone EVDO modems like the Tata Photon+ which can only be used with laptops and desktop. There are certain models of laptops available in the market, with a preinstalled OS which can be connected to the internet using a WiFi connection only and do not support internet connectivity with an EVDO modem. The Iphone being very compact can be conveniently used for internet surfing while travelling.

A disadvantage of using the BSNL 3G SIM card with an IPhone is that the SIM card has to be cut to fit into the Iphone. After cutting the SIM card, the remaining portion of the cut SIM card (which are not used with the IPhone) should be retained, as they are needed whenever the SIM card is used with other makes of mobile phones and USB modems. Unlike surfing the internet with a laptop, where some time has to spent in startup, then connecting the EVDO/3G modem for establishing internet connectivity, the internet can be conveniently accessed on the Iphone by just touching the Icon for Internet browsing. The BSNL 3G internet connection speed is very good throughout the day when used with an Iphone. A possible reason for this is that the Iphone OS seems less vulnerable to hacking compared to EVDO modems used with Windows laptops . The small screen size make it difficult to type long documents on the Iphone, but since most internet users use the internet for searching for information , socializing, it is extremely convenient to use the BSNL 3G Internet connection with an IPhone.

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