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Like the Tata Photon+ connection, the BSNL 3g connection is available in the form of a USB dongle. There are different versions of USB dongles and SIM Card connections available, with variations in make , speed and interchangeability. The biggest advantage of the BSNL 3G connection is that the SIM card can be used with both a mobile phone as well as a USB type HSDPA Data Cards (USB dongle) without any problem. With some other ISPs, if the 3G connection SIM card is used for a mobile connection , the SIM card cannot be reused for the ISP connection and a new SIM card has to be purchased.In other ISPs, for EVDO modem the SIM card is enclosed within a sealed plastic body and cannot be removed.
BSNL 3G prepaid plan

Documentation needed for purchasing a BSNL 3G internet connection is similar to that for a mobile phone. The BSNL 3G Internet connection being reviewed was purchased from an authorised BSNL dealer after submitting the necessary documents. Since the USB type HSDPA Data Card was available exstock, the dealer installed the SIM card in the USB type HSDPA Data Cards in front of the customer.

When the BSNL 3g connection USB dongle is connected to a laptop / computer for the first time, the installation software which is preloaded on the dongle automatically installs itself. When the USB dongle was connected to one Windows XP laptop, there was an error in the installation process, and the BSNL 3 G connection could not be established (there probably was a problem with the laptop as it was connected to the internet regularly using a Tata Photon+ connection).

However, the BSNL 3G internet connection software could be quickly installed on another Windows XP laptop. The internet connection speed was satisfactory in February March 2012, but the connection was terminated intermittently. The BSNL 3G SIM card was also tested with Nokia Asha 303 and Nokia X2-01. However, there has been a significant improvement in the BSNL 3G connection since July 2012, with very good speeds through out the day in smaller towns like Panaji. In Mumbai, the network changes to Dolphin, but the internet connection speeds and reliability are consistent. In the last few months , the BSNL 3G connection has been used with an iphone and a detailed review is available BSNL 3G Iphone
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