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From BSNL website
BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) is the largest telecom operator in India . BSNL providing services for internet connection, called SANCHARNET. Sancharnet provides PSTN Dialup (Limited & Unlimited) services for internet access (64kbps). PSTN is (Digitalized) Public Switched Telephone Network, interlinked by optical fiber cable.

Basic requirement for this connection is PC 486 or above with at least 32MB Ram, Modem, Telephone connection, Windows 95 operating system or above, and browser.
Configuring steps are Installing and setting up modem, Configuring Dialup network and Connecting using browser.

PSTN Dialup is having some packages for internet access. By using the packages, customer can get free email id, user id, and web space. PSTN Dialup (Limited) with 20MB email space packages are, Temporary - costs Rs.150/- for 25hours with 6months validity, Regular � costs Rs.250/- for 50hours with 1year validity, Executive � costs Rs.500/- for 100hours with 2years validity, Silver pass � Costs Rs.1000/- for 200hours with 2year validity, Gold pass � Costs Rs.2300/- for 500hours with 2years validity, Corporate � Costs Rs.4500/- for 1000hours with 2years validity.
In PSTN Dialup(Limited) with 100MB email space packages are, Corporate mail � Costs Rs.5000/- for 1000hours with 1year validity, Goldpass mail � Costs Rs.2500/- for 500hours with 1year validity.
In PSTN Dialup (Unlimited) package is Enterprise mail costs Rs.9000/- for unlimited hours with 6months validity.
Service tax for all packages as applicable shall be extra and no charges for Sancharnet package from 2300hours to 0800hours on weekdays and for full day on Sundays and National holidays. This has nothing to do with telephone call charges.

By using the user id, customer can know the balance hours and end/expiry date of the account. Account can be renewed any time before expiry or within 12 weeks of expiry unless the account is deleted. Customer can renew the account with any package of his choice.
BSNL Internet help desk is servicing to rectify the problems regarding the internet connection.
Also PSTN Dialup and Bulk SMS packages are available.

Although Sancharnet is providing package facilities to customers, some disadvantages are in this connection.
1. Disconnection: If the telephone line is busy, internet access will disconnect.
2. Low Speed: With this connection we can get the speed in 11.6kbps to 50.6kbps. But the usual speed is 46.6kbps or 45.3kbps. With this speed, we could not download the website quickly.
Also, if any problems in telephone line jack or in the wall jack, net accessing speed will low.

3. Incoming calls: While accessing internet, incoming call will loss. Because of the continuous incoming calls, net access will get disconnect.
4. Comparing with the net speed, costs for net access is high. (i.e. package charge + call charge).

To avoid these disadvantages, broadband connection is good to access internet.
But the BSNL � Dataone broadband is not available in rural places of India. To get this connection we should wait for a long time in rural areas.
Contributed by K.S, Sivagangai District, Tamil Nadu, India

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