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Investing in domains does not take into account one simple fact - the harassment and persecution the webmaster will be subjected to. There is often no proof available of the harassment, so those harassing falsely claim that it is the imagination of the webmaster, just to question the webmasters competence. But in this case, we have details of the Cisco E1000 network router, including serial no., illegally installed on the laptop of the user, making it very difficult to access the internet. Even FTP access to the websites of the webmaster are blocked depending on the wishes of the cybercriminal harassing the webmaster. It is also difficult to download files or take backups, the downloads are interrupted.

The webmaster is subjected to severe harassment which includes interception of emails, SMSes, postal mails, phone calls. Details of the Cisco router used for regulating internet

Cisco router used for regulation of internet acess

Why do some people and companies have so many powers online, but cannot be held accountable for their actions. If this webmaster had known that these cheap tactics would be used 6-7 years ago, when the webmaster started investing tens of lakhs of rupees online, she would never spend so much money online.