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Though there is a lot of talk regarding high speed internet access in India the bitter fact is that powerful people have no qualms shamelessly abusing their powers to block internet access in India for experienced webmasters and early domain investors. They do this by illegally attaching an internet access server, which is cisco router to a users laptop without the users knowledge or permission. This network router is then used to block/regulate internet access by the laptop whenever a 3g usb modem is used for internet access. For example if the webmaster and domain investor needs to connect to the internet urgently, the cybercriminal will remote disconnect the internet connection. The laptop owner cannot even remove the internet access router, using the add remove option, it will be reinstalled automatically immediately.
Additionally, the internet access router is being used to steal passwords, make unauthorised changes in accounts and falsely claim that the foulmouthed girlfriends and relatives of powerful people are involved in the webmasters business, to steal lucrative assigments and privileges.

Screenshot of internet access server
Cybercrime in Goa, remote controlling internet access

This webmaster has tried to find out the name of the person/company involved in this, but due to the lack of transparency, secrecy, it has been difficult to find information.
When a person has spent many years and tens of lakhs of rupees in an online business, why are they subject to so much harassment, by denying them basic internet access, just to force them to sell their domains/websites for a pittance?