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Though many ISPs are offering 3G and 4G USB modems and other internet connections, we are considering reverting back to a plain old dialup connection which we used so successfully from 2001 to 2008, without any major problems. The reason is simple, many ISPs in India lack honesty, they take money from one person and shower privileges on the person who has powerful backers and claims to be involved in their customer business, without spending a single paisa. The large internet companies also do not offer any support to an experienced webmaster but do everything possible to ruin the person life. These identity theft gangs also hack the users computers, making it possible for them to remotely control the 3g/4G USB dongles, using some backdoors only known to the ISP, dongle manufacturer and/or governmental agency. For example, people have found it difficult to use a 3G Airtel USB modem with a Samsung RV513 laptop due to the backdoor/bugs in the laptop and modem software which are being exploited.

Users of 3G and 4G USB dongles are extremely vulnerable to these identity theft attempts, and the identity theft gangs put the internet user under surveillance both online and offline to destroy their lives. The offline surveillance is particularly nasty, as it can cause health problems and financial losses.These identity theft gangs realise that their lies will not stand scrutiny if a dial up connection is used, so they go out of their way to deny the applicant a landline connection for BSNL, which can be used for a dialup connection. Though BSNL is making a loss, some employees seem to be having their own agenda.

Most high speed internet connections are used by ISP staff,hackers and government agencies today to access data on the users computer and sometimes make changes remotely. Online business owners with revenues from exports are the major targets for these identity theft gangs, who have become very powerful in the last few years. Every online and offline activity is closely monitored for these internet users of high speed internet connections. However, with a low speed dial up connection, most ISPs are not keeping logs of the websites accessed since the IP address is dynamic.It also very difficult for hackers and ISP staff to access the users confidential data, make registry changes with a dialup connection. While high speed internet connections are excellent for Indian internet users who use the internet for checking email, Facebook,downloading and watching movies on Youtube, an experienced webmaster whose life has been ruined solely because of the high speed internet connection will seriously consider reverting back to a dialup connection, due to the lack of support from shameless Indian internet companies who take money from their customer and then do everything to destroy his or her life.

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