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Most non-cable internet connections in Mumbai are usage based - either hourly basis or data transfer (which most ISP 's  do not measure properly) , so when MTNL introduced unlimited internet usage for Rs 299 monthly, I decided to try it out. Unlike many other ISPs in India who take money / fill the form and never bother to install the connection, at least I got the instrument and CD for this internet connection as promised


Installation took some time, since the instructions in the CD, user ID and password were unclear / incorrect . I  had got the connection in November 2006,  they may be providing more accurate instructions now.  In the first 7 months of usage, the connection was not working for at least 10 days every month, though there has been a slight improvement this month. However, MTNL have given a partial refund in the bill


The internet connection speed is less than that of a Dialup connection,  only the simplest sites will load quickly.  Like other internet connections, the speed is best early in the morning  before 10 am. The wireless signal strength fades during the day and the internet connection becomes even slower. This internet connection is available with both the Garuda Mobile and Garuda FW phone. For a Garuda mobile phone the battery gets discharged in about 1.5 hours, after which you have to recharge it . 


Bill payment is another big problem with MTNL Garuda . Some times the bill is not sent by MTNL and if  you go the MTNL exchange to get a duplicate bill and pay it,  they refuse to accept payment for the bill. The Garuda internet connection can only be used as a backup internet connection, it is too slow to be used as a full time connection.

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