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Hathway internet uses a cable modem for internet connectivity. The setup/installation procedure is complicated compared to other internet connections available, but the connection speed and reliability is often better than a DSL or EVDO internet connection. The ethernet cable used for internet connectivity is connected to a cable modem, which also needs a separate power supply.

Login is needed to activate the internet connection. An advantage of using a cable conection, is that the user has a fixed ip, which cannot be spoofed easily by identity theft gangs.

However, there is reason to believe that the cable connection is being closely monitored. After a payment was made using the hathway cable internet connection, the user got a message, too many concurrent connections and was unable to login.So because of security concerns, it is advisable to use the connection only a few times, as the connection may be misused. This connection should be used with a laptop / computer which does not have a Windows OS installed for greater security.

Hathway cable broadband speed and prices make it one of the best internet connections available today in India . However this internet connection is available only in select areas, mainly major metro cities

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