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Plug 2 Surf Whiz

USB Modem for Wireless Internet

Price : Rs 2850

Prepaid version available

Plug into laptop or desktop and download, chat , surf and send emails anywhere in India

Uses CDMA 1X technology

Range of data plans available - starting from Rs 299 / month
Actual internet speed would depend on multiple factors like time of  the day, number of simultaneous users and web page accessed etc.

Data cards / USB modems sold by Drive India Enterprise Solutions Ltd.

Rs 99 T-SIM card charges extra


Note : Details of  prepaid version not available on the Tata Indicom website on 5th September 2007

The plans available are based on per hour usage or per MB download like most broadband providers in India and fairly expensive. Most Indian ISPs do not have very accurate software for monitoring usage based on bandwidth, so this package is mostly suitable for checking email and other low bandwidth applications.

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