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This is a little known story about online businesses in India but an online business can be sabotaged by blocking online access , denying access or making it very expensive. The person targetted usually has invested very large amounts in webhosting and domain registration online, so it is difficult to exit quickly. A person with this profile is put under surveillance for many years, so nothing about him or her remains secret. This information is also leaked to hackers , who find the person an easy target.

The different sabotage techniques are described in detail below: 1.Denying access, not installing the land line connection. - the sabotage target is denied a land line connection, despite submitting the form with all documents and repeated followup with the ISP. In one case, the connection has not been installed even after 5 months.

2. Blocking internet access.Internet access by certain ISPs is blocked for no known reasons for random time periods. While poor signal strength could be a reason for the problem in internet connectivity, at times, it appears to be intentional. This makes it difficult to plan work as the internet connection is not reliable and may not be available when most needed.

3. Bandwidth theft : Bandwidth theft has been described in greater detail in the next article. The internet user may be using the connection for less than 2 hours a day, but he or she are billed a huge amount because of bandwidth theft. Well connected hackers take control of the computer and misuse the connection for their own activities. This problem is very accute for internet usage during the day, and reduces to some extent at night and early morning. Unfortunately, the ISPs are not interested in protecting the interests of the consumers, who are forced to pay for internet usage they did not use.

Also the internet usage is monitored very closely for certain internet users, resulting in loss of privacy and creates a number of related problems as every page they visit is analysed carefully. One way to solve this problem is to use multiple internet connection, so that no single ISP has information about the internet users surfing habits.

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