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Not satisfied with stealingd the resume of the domain investor, paypal account holder for 8-9 lazy greedy fraud inexperienced R&AW/CBI employees, and criminally torturing a harmless single woman obc engineer daily using hitech radiation weapons,Some users of a postpaid 3G Air** connection in Panaji, Goa are finding that their internet connection has been reduced to less than 15 Kbps as the fraud ntro officials are allegedly trying to cover their impersonation, sex bribe, cheating fraud for R&AW/CBI jobs .

3G speed should be ideally more than 1 MBPS, however in panaji, Goa the speed has been reduced to less than 15 kbps to sabotage the business of the real paypal account holder, domain investor wasting her time as it has become extremely difficult to open any website. She is also forced to spend more time online to complete the little work she has like checking emails, and makes her more vulnerable to hackers as the web page does not open. Online transactions are also failing in panaji, goa due to the slow speed as the page is getting timed out. Though the telecom provider is charging for 3g connection, the actual internet connection speed is less than a dialup connection.

Slow airtel 3g connection in panaji, goa br>
For some laptops the connection is disconnected remotely and connected again without the subscribers knowledge or permission. Any other 3g internet connection user in panaji, goa facing the same problem is requested to contact at, so that action can be taken collectively. More updates will be posted here..