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Tata Indicom broadband is one of the first broadband connections to be introduced in the India. The configuration / type of connection varies depending on when it was purchased. Initially, some connections were routed through a LAN and the user had to login using a dialer. The reliability of this connection depends to some extent on the local cable operator, and may not be suitable for applications where high speed data transfer is needed.

Like most of the internet connections available in the country, connectivity is best early in the morning , since few users connect to the internet then. Later in the day, as the number of users increases, connection speed is not very good. Unlike an EVDO/3G internet connection, the internet connection may not be functional when there is a power cut locally.

Later DSL connections were introduced by Tata Indicom broadband , where the landline telephone connection was also utilized for internet data transfer. Subscribers using Tata Indicom broadband connection can opt for different data transfer speeds and the daily charges are inversely proportional to the data transfer speed. Currently the lowest speed, the daily charges are approx. Rs 29 per day, irrespective of whether the connection is used or not . So even if the subscriber is away from home or office, the charges may have to be paid just to retain email id. The main advantage of using this connection, is that it offers unlimited data transfer at a reasonable price.

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