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Tata Photon Plus is one of the most popular EVDO internet connections in use today. Though both the prepaid and postpaid options available for users, the prepaid version is used by many as users do not have to monitor and pay bills on a monthly basis. A Tata Photon+ can be purchased from a dealer by submitting the necessary documents like address and ID proof and the Photon+ modem is activated within a day. Different models of the modem are available, depending on the date when the connection has been purchased. Some corporates provide a Photon+ connection to their employees.

The various prepaid recharge options are available at http://ichoose.in and a variety of online payment options are available.

Users can check their usage online by creating a user name on the Tata Photon+ website and there is also a provision for receiving an SMS notification of the balance and validity in a Photon+ account on a daily basis.
An indication of the signal strength is available on the dialer . The signal strength and internet connectivity using the Tata Photon + is good in large metros and some small towns. However, while travelling by train in rural areas, connectivity is poor. Like a mobile phone connection,the Photon+ can be used to track an individual's location.

While the Tatan Photon+ can be used for browsing websites, social network, checking emails, there seem to be some restrictions on uploading and downloading very large files. If used continuously for a long time, the modem can get heated. Like a dial up connection, a different IP is allocated every time you login with the Photon + modem. It is advisable to disconnect the internet connection using the dialer before you shut down the computer/laptop as the USB port may stop functioning properly.

The Photon Plus modem was used to generate a WiFi network using the Dlink 3G WiFi Router DWR 113 . While the signal strength was sufficient for connecting laptops and netbooks to the Wifi network, the WiFi network did not work with the following
1.Blackberry Playbook
2.Blackberry Mobile phone
The connection speed 3.6 MBps is better than the 3G connection of most mobile companies.

Since the Tata photon+ modem is compact ( most models are less than 9 cm in length ) and light, it is widely used for internet connectivity by frequent travellers and individuals who are on the move.

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