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As discussed elsewehere, the Tata Photon Plus is one of the most popular EVDO internet connections in use today. However, while using the connection, users should be aware of the variation in speed. Before 9 - 9.30 am , the connection is fairly reliable. However, in some towns, during the day the connection speed declines significantly. Between 6.30 pm and 8.30 pm the connection speed is very slow and it often takes a few minutes to open even a simple static page. It is inadvisable to use the connection during this time for critical activities and online shopping as there may be a time out error and the transaction may not be completed.

Like all connections there is a significant variation in the signal strength at different points in the country . In metro cities like Mumbai ( or even up to Panvel) the connection speed is good, but in remote areas (tested along the Konkan Railway), the connection cannot be established. For example, in Mumbai, even in the evening , there is not much variation in the connection speed at 7 or 8 pm , but in Panaji the connection seems to be very slow at times

Some users who are not satisfied with the connection speed have written about it on forums, and usually they get feedback from Tata Photon + customer support

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