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Though there has been no change in the ownership of this and other domains in this network for the last 19 years due to the massive online FINANCIAL FRAUD of the LIAR indian tech and internet companies led by iit kharagpur alumni sundar pichai controlled google, tata, the government agencies especially in panaji, goa are FALSELY CLAIMING that various google, tata sponsored lazy greedy fraud raw/cbi employees like the greedy gujju stock broker amita patel featured in moneycontrol, hindu business line, indore robber deepika , greedy goan gsb housewife ROBBER riddhi nayak caro, goan bhandari sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, sindhi scammer school dropout naina premchandani,her scammer sons karan, nikhil and their fraud friends aarohi, aryan, haryana scammer mba hr ruchika kinge, in ntro/raw who do not spend any money on domains, computers internet connection own this and other domains of a single woman engineer, private citizen in a case of FAKE news, government slavery

From 2010 till 2021, many indian internet users were able to connect to the internet conveniently using a USB internet dongle. The dongle was connected to the USB port, and would automatically dial up the ISP to establish the connection. There were a large number of USB dongle manufacturers in India like
The quality of these USB dongles varied. In some cases, the ISP would also supply the dongle with the SIM card at an additional price

Though ntro/raw/cbi are always making fake black money allegations against domain investors, indian paypal account holders, they forget that unlike the well paid government employees who get all their computer hardware for free, private citizens have to spend their own business income for purchasing hardware. The USB dongles were initially affordable, costing Rs 700 in some cases. However in the last few years, the cost of these dongles has increased to a great extent, some cost Rs 3000 or more.

Also another problem faced while using the USB dongles is that there is no guarantee that the dongle will work, especially for the domain investor whose computers are hacked very extensively. For a large number of dongles like Enter, Huawei, Consistent, the domain investor was never able to connect to the internet since ntro, raw, cbi are hacking her computers extensively to cover up their FINANCIAL, domain ownership fraud, government SLAVERY. The domain investor feels that ISPs are being asked to route the internet connection through NTRO, so that ntro has records of all the websites which are accessed.

It appears that in July 2021, NTRO has greatly improved their hacking of indian internet users who use the USB dongles. They are able to block the internet access completely. The domain investor found that she was getting a 720A dialup error for all the USB dongles used. So after visiting the office of the ISP repeatedly and investing additional money in a smartphone, the domain investor finally overcame the USB dongle problem. Confirming that NTRO is intentionally blocking the USB dongles of some citizens, the USB dongles started working again after a few weeks.