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VSNL was the first ISP in India and provided dial up internet connections. It was taken over by Tata Indicom , but continues to provide dial up packages. There are 3 basic types of  dialup packages available

1. Prepaid hourly package - maximum 500 hours, validity 3 years

2. Prepaid unlimited usage packages

3. Post paid packages - when you have to link your account to a credit card and your account is debited according to usage.


Like all other ISPs in India, prepaid hourly packages allow free surfing at night (11 pm to 7 am) , on Sundays and on national holidays like 15 August, 26 January and October 2.  The packages are reasonably priced , but  the telephone charges (Rs 1 per 3 minute call) can make usage of  dialup packages expensive unless you have an unlimited usage plan.


Since VSNL has been providing dialup internet connections for a long time, their connection is fairly stable, with almost zero down time in a year. The internet connection speed depends on the condition of  the telephone line, if it rains heavily during the monsoon, the speed is fairly low, during the rest of the year it is OK.


Some times you may not get all emails sent to you due to their spam filter settings.  The webmail storage is fairly small , 5 MB and it  has remained constant for years. When connect to the internet using MTNL's internet connection, you cannot download your emails to the hard disk using Outlook Express.

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